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The George Baatara Waterfall, nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Tannourine, is a true natural wonder that captivates the hearts of all who behold it. 🗻 This enchanting waterfall cascades majestically over three limestone bridges, creating a stunning multi-tiered spectacle. The water drops 255 metres into a huge cave. Surrounded by lush greenery and ancient cedar trees, the Tannourine nature embraces visitors with its serene ambiance and harmonious blend of flora and fauna. Located in the mountainous region of Lebanon, this idyllic spot offers a peaceful escape, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of its surroundings while marveling at the awe-inspiring beauty of the George Baatara Waterfall.





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  • Amir P
    Amir P
    4 months ago

    It was much better than what I was expected. Clean and quiet but of course we visited on weekdays. Entrance fee is half a dollar. Zip line and other facilities was not working due to season which I liked it more. I like to enjoy the nature rather than zip line

  • Elias Mefleh
    Elias Mefleh
    3 months ago

    A natural wonder of lebanon's amazing cave systems abd waterways. Every year this gorge becomes more and more commercial in a bad way. It used to be alot better. It has been enhanced safety wise but the problem is that you pay an entrance fee then you pay another fee for using the zipline and using the monkey bridge, then there is a fee for the parking in a remote area away from Beirut or any major village for a fact. I think it is still a beautiful place and a natural geological wonder but it has been over commercialized.

  • Bikramjit Das
    Bikramjit Das
    a week ago

    Discovered to the western world in 1952 by French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait, the waterfall and the accompanying sinkhole were fully mapped in the 1980s by the Speleo club du Liban. A 1988 fluorescent dye test demonstrated that the water emerged at the spring of Dalleh in Mgharat al-Ghaouaghir (located near Balaa).

  • Vic Tor
    Vic Tor
    a month ago

    Absolutely stunning place - I was shocked that there was such a beauty in Lebanon. It was not crowded despite the weekend and nice weather. The location is easy to access and with parking, and the rest of the area is worth visiting as well with beautiful villages and views. I went in April which is one of the best seasons to see the waterfall as snow from the mountain was melting. Apparently it can be dry in the summer months.

  • heinz giering
    heinz giering
    10 months ago

    For natural beauty it is a nice place, in terms of infrastructure and ease of access it is slightly challenging. The way to the waterfall has stairs for the first half but the second part is mostly rocks and ground. If you have challenges walking on uneven ground I would not recommend this location. They do have a sky chair but it was not operational when we were there.

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