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From the World to Lebanon! 🌍

In 2023 the journey of “PlacetoBeirut” started with an idea of a Travel-Platform for locals and foreigners to explore Lebanon.
The goal: To create a digital lebanese tour guide website that covers all needed aspects. From planing a vacation in Lebanon as a tourist, booking the weekend getway as a local, check out new places and hidden gems, enjoy the best food spots around, explore historic sights and nature of the country!

A digital adivisor and booking marketplace where hosts and guests come together.
Wether it is a Hotel near the city, a getaway in the mountains, a guesthouse at the beach or a modern apartment right in the central of Beirut. Guests search for it and find it on PlacetoBeirut.
The best Shawarma spot around the corner?! Ahla wa-sahla meaning “You are welcome”, PlacetoBeirut is here to find the best spot around!

Explore the best restaurants of Lebanon, try different cuisines, variety of bars to have an exotic drink or find the best beachclubs for a sunny summerday at the mediterranean sea! Cafe’s, workspaces, gyms, bakeries and bistros. Search for it and find it!

But that is not all, we want to offer a the greatest variety of spots to eat, drink and sleep, but also to show different kind of activities, guided tours and sights you need to visit. Plan and book your plans in Lebanon with PlacetoBeirut.
Or just use the platform to explore your next destination!

Lebanon, a small middle eastern country located right at the mediterranean sea, rich in history, culture and nature.

We just like to call our website the “Tripadvisor for Lebanon”.

Our Mission 🚀

Our mission is to show you the amazing country of Lebanon and everything it has to offer! One of the best cuisines in the world, fantastic nature, vibrant nightlife, historic sights and an amazing culture and people. With our platform you are supporting lebanese locals and businesses wether through a booking, a visit of their place or just leave a nice review.

Our Promise 💯

With PlacetoBeirut you will explore Beirut and Lebanon like never before! A wide offer of amazing places to stay, spots to eat, drink or activities throughout the country of the cedars,
so called Lubnān.

With our travel-platform, you won’t miss out anything in Lebanon!