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Nestled in Lebanon’s heart, Jeita Grotto presents a breathtaking underground marvel. Its limestone caves reveal an enchanting underground river, adorned with intricate stalactites and stalagmites sculpted over eons. This natural wonder beckons visitors for numerous compelling reasons.

The grotto’s unparalleled beauty unfolds as an underground river winds through illuminated chambers, creating an almost surreal atmosphere. The lower grotto, accessed by boat, astounds with formations shaped by centuries. Beyond its beauty, Jeita Grotto holds historical importance. Discovered in the 19th century, it gained global recognition as a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition in 2011.

Adventure enthusiasts find solace here too. The upper grotto, accessible on foot, unveils a maze of chambers adorned with nature’s artistry.

Entrance fees aid in preserving this wonder, ensuring its magic for generations.
The price also includes Cable Car, Upper Grotto, Lower Grotto, Train, Mini Zoo, Garden.

The Grotto also offers drinks and lebanese food  in the Jeita Grotto Restaurant.

In essence, Jeita Grotto lures Lebanon’s visitors with its unparalleled beauty, historical value, scientific intrigue, adventure, and conservation impact. Its subterranean charm promises an unforgettable experience that etches memories of this amazing sight in the caves of Lebanon.





  • Adults

    (15 yrs & above)

    $ 8.80
  • Kids

    (4 yrs till 14 yrs)

    $ 4.44


Google Reviews

6,407 reviews
  • mohammed zuhair fadhil

    During my first visit to Jeita Grotto in Lebanon, I was captivated by its unique natural beauty. Upon entering the cave, I was transported into a magical world of intricate rock formations. The ceiling adorned with geological landscapes created a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Navigating through narrow tunnels and reaching spacious chambers, I witnessed shimmering rock formations in their natural hues. The tranquility inside the cave, accompanied by the gentle sounds of water, turned the visit into a soothing and enchanting experience. I marveled at the internal lakes reflecting the beauty of the surrounding rocks. The diverse topography added an exploratory aspect, allowing me to wander through different angles and discover the beauty of various rock shapes. In summary, Jeita Grotto was a charming and delightful experience, blending natural beauty with the mystery that surrounds it, making it one of Lebanon's unique and stunning destinations.

  • Anthony
    a month ago

    Amazing and unforgettable experience ! There are two access points, one is a walk through the grotto and the other is a short electric-motored boat tour in the grotto. It is definitely worth it to see both! There is a little train car that takes you to each point and brings you back. The staff were very helpful and even very happy to give a history talk of the grotto. The only unfortunate is that you cannot take your mobile for photos but I understand that the flash can cause effects and there are safety reasons behind this. True wonder of the world !

  • Fearless Sacred Fool

    Very peaceful experience although I was unable to get underneath with the boat due to flooding from recent rainfall. But I did enjoy the cave and went alone so I can take in all the natural beauty and not be distracted by anyone.

  • jean claude bachaalani (JC)

    At the upper grotto we had visit on foot with an exciting adventure over a distance of some 700 m from the cave’s total length of 2200 m, spectacular beauty of the extraordinary amazing limestone formations. At the lower grotto, we had a short dreamy boat trip over a distance of some 400 m inside the cave. In some places the cave is so low that we had to duck our heads in the boat. I would highly recommend this place

  • Tewogbade Fatai
    Tewogbade Fatai
    5 months ago

    The Semi Private Jettha Grotto cave in Lebanon is more than just a natural wonder; it's an experience that stays with you long after you leave.

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