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In Broumana, in the middle of a forest of pine and oak, there’s a private vineyard, gardens, waterfalls, and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. In the heart of it all, there’s Mounir, a four decade old restaurant that stands for excellence in Lebanese food. The restaurant was founded by Mounir Fadel, whose fondness of nature and true authentic Lebanese hospitality still echo today. Food freshly picked from the gardens on the table. The excellence of lebanese cuisine, appetizers, dips, salads, main courses and dessert!

At the table is where the journey begins…





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3,383 reviews
  • Eliane Rizk
    Eliane Rizk
    3 months ago

    Honestly, this place is seriously overrated, not sure if people are going for the view or the food, nevertheless, some menu dishes are delicious, like Kebbe, tabbouleh & sausages in Debs Remen, but as for everything else I was disappointed by the taste & the cleanliness. The taouk bbq platter tasted like cumin in it, i was in shock since cumin is not common in bbq restaurants and even people barely put it on chicken, kids couldn't eat at all, and as for kafta bbq it tasted less than normal, I know snacks who can do it better. Hummus also didn't taste real hummus... We wanted to order fruits & dessert but we left as soon as we could because of the disappointment. P.S. They only have 2 🚻 restrooms for the whole restaurant, so don't be surprised if you wait 20 minutes to get a chance.

  • MMZ
    4 months ago

    The food is delicious and the place is amazing. I will not hesitate to try it again and I recommend it

  • Saoud Ghamrawi
    Saoud Ghamrawi
    9 months ago

    Amazing food. Amazing view. Hot and humid everywhere but this place was a great escape. Refreshing breeze. All the food was good. The waiters are very friendly. Highly recommended.

  • Patrick Hatem
    Patrick Hatem
    7 months ago

    One of the top, if not the top, for family lunch destinations. Best service in Lebanon by far. The food is really well made, not a single item is “okay”, everything tastes GREAT. I personally love how there’s no music on while people are having lunch. The quality of the food is great. Higher range for prices, but honestly worth it. Around 40-60$ per person if you want to eat reaaally well.

  • Nur Backup
    Nur Backup
    10 months ago

    Lovely place to have family lunches in! The food is really good, the setting of the place is pretty! But it’s too hot, we wish there’s more fans! Service is great, the waiters are always very helpful! 🌟 However, some background music would be nice while we’re eating because the atmosphere gets boring… I can also say that the raw lahme & kebbe did not make us sick! They were very yummy

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