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Inspired by the flavours of Lebanon and crafted flatbreads ”manousheh ” and ”mouajjanet” heavenly bite-sized bakes, two pillars of Lebanese culture and cuisine. The Lebanese Bakery offers staple breakfast dishes and is specialized in handcrafted lebanese bakery products such as Manousheh also calles “Manakish” or the Sesame Flatbread called “Kaake”. The Manousheh is served in various different ways, but the most classical are served with Zaatar or Cheese topped with fresh vegetables such as mint, cucumber, tomate and olives!
But that’s not nearly the variety that can be expected at this bakery! From Manoushe with meat, eggs, keshek cheese, spinach and more signature items the menu is loaded with options.

Also part of the menu are eggs, hot pan dishes, kaake, laffeh bread, salads, appetizers, small bakery treats and of course some sweet bakery items! 






  • Manoushe Zaatar Jibne

    Cheese, Thyme, Sumac, Sesame, Oil

    $ 3,5
  • Manoushe Akkawi Cheese

    Akkawi Cheese

    $ 3.75

Add Vegetables

  • Vegetables

    Each sort of vegetables

    $ 0.10


Google Reviews

274 reviews
  • Karim Kayssi
    Karim Kayssi
    4 months ago

    The mankushe tasted overdone, dry, and lacked seasoning. Pesto mankushe had an overpowering, artificial taste. Jebne and zaatar mankushe aren’t the best quality of i gredients, missing the traditional flavors. The mini bites were disappointingly basic and left much to be desired. Overall, a Meh experience. 🫤

  • Caroline Alam
    Caroline Alam
    2 months ago

    I was craving a zaatar mankoushe, and this one was just perfect. It is like the ones we had in our childhood. The bakery has a nice vibe, and the staff are friendly. The prices are higher than other bakeries, but it was worth it.

  • Antoun Boustani
    Antoun Boustani
    2 months ago

    I ordered zaatar AA zaatar to work through a delivery app. The order came on time. The mankushe was very healthy since I changed the main dough and it was really delicious. Zaatar AA zaatar has a nice combination of different kinds of thyme. Keep up the good work

  • Naseem Ferdowsi
    Naseem Ferdowsi
    in the last week

    We tried the multi cereal manouche options like zaatar, spinach and cheese, etc. Zaatar was good. Spinach and cheese (Bulgarian) was bitter and not great. Wouldn’t order it again. Tabboule and hommus were good but the tabboule dressing tasted spoiled so we didn’t use it. The wild zaatar square thing was tasty. Overall, not bad and would consider this place again perhaps.

  • Jad Kheirallah
    Jad Kheirallah
    2 years ago

    Food was good, with some interesting varieties. Some items are 86but without any notice as the cashier had no idea what was available. If you are ready to pay 60.000 for a manoushe then be my guest. They don't even have the guts to put the prices on the board as they will change at anytime. Good food but not worth it.

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