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One of the most historic fast food places in Beirut and especially the famous Hamra area is “Barbar Restaurant”! The Restaurant is in Hamra since 1982 and started as a small family bakery, which is now famous for it’s quick lebanese Snacks and Sandwiches like Shawarma Sandwich with Beef or Chicken. 🌯 The Restaurant offers much more lebanese food items nowadays like appetizers, salads, sandwiches, full meals, fresh juices and deserts. Barbar has a large selection of popular lebanese snacks, savoury pastries and also traditional cold and warm mezze items. They do nearly everything and offer seating area, to-go options and delivery. You can also enjoy Breakfast at their place in Hamra with a bowl of Foul Mudammas, Labneh or your Manakish Flatbread of choice. 🇱🇧

The Restaurant is open 24/7 and definitely a must-visit in the area when the hunger kicks in!

Barbar Restaurant also has a second branch in Al Zarif, Beirut.






Google Reviews

5,660 reviews
  • Rayah Abdulrahman
    Rayah Abdulrahman
    4 months ago

    I ate there 2 days in a row. the falafel was not fresh and was served cold. The shawerma plate however was spectacular and filling. Prices are 5 dollars for the falafel and 12 dollars for the shawerma plate

  • Azhin H. Hamasur
    Azhin H. Hamasur
    6 months ago

    Food is incredibly amazing Best falafl ever! After Baghdad's one sure! Everything is tasty Not fancy place! It's for average and poor ppl Price is affordable to cheap! The service is fast! The only comment is that it's noisy! Yet the food taste majes u forget the noise Ofc ofc ofc it'll be my main place of food next time Too grateful for trying it ...

  • NJM
    6 months ago

    Was planning a 5-star review of Barbar after a long absence, but this time: A total miss, zero star. Shawarma is a dish that requires a steady stream of customers to remain freshly grilled with good management of the grill at slow times. Attitude to hygene also failed miserably with the wash basin wash water. Both chicken and meat shawarma were overcooked and dry. Taratour was thick and stale even though the place was full in late afternoon. Still, 2-star material up to then would have been fair. The zero star was earned when washing one's mouth with washbasin water, which was salty/brakish from some deep well? In Beirut infrastructure?? After a meal, you would trust a restaurant, at least with the wash basin water supply that you would put in your mouth would be hygienicly clean. This was beyond irresponsible and quite disgusting for customers trusting Barbar"s quality and hygiene. Shame to lose what we thought was an icon in the area.

  • Liliana Avelar
    Liliana Avelar
    a week ago

    Food was decent and the price as well. Service in the other hand was not good at all. Waiters not attentive and when you ask for something they start talking to their partners. When we asked for to go boxes the server said he would package it then proceeded to place the tray and boxes on the table next to ours and decided to answer a call. After a few minutes he came back to package our food. He actually just threw everything in the box mixing it all up. Wish I had been given to opportunity to do it myself.

  • Sherif K
    Sherif K
    7 months ago

    July 2023: in here in this country to try to find best shawarma. This my first stop on their reputation. Beef shawarma was samll but meat tender tahini decidant. I can say it's the best one I have tried but it's guaranteed to be up with the top 10. Place is clean an staff is friendly. They are 3 stores in the intersection serving different foods. Next is the cold cuts sandwiches one across from this one

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