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Serving delicious traditional lebanese breakfast throughout the day and located in the heart of Beirut, Hamra.🍳
Breakfast lovers will be astonished about the wide rage of breakfast dishes, from the classic and beloved Foul with Fava beans, Fatteh, several versions of Hummus, Egg dishes and a lot of more specialities! 🥘
Perfect start into a morning in Lebanon. Not to forget an arabic coffee!





  • Foul

    Foul Medammas is a famous lebanese breakfast dish breakfast made from cooked fava beans, topped with olive oil and served with vegetables and bread

    $ 5.90


Google Reviews

175 reviews
  • Joelle Ayoub
    Joelle Ayoub
    a week ago

    Very pleasant experience, the food was delicious and the service excellent I recommend trying the different combos

  • Ayat Rubaie
    Ayat Rubaie
    8 months ago

    This place deserves the five stars rating. Very delicious breakfast and they serve the breakfast even on late hours. I went at 2 PM to have a breakfast and they were happy to help. Thyme mankosha is highly recommended. The orange juice is very fresh, the bread and the salads. Eggs with qawrma and fried eggs and they serve sheep tongues dish

  • Saab Shmait
    Saab Shmait
    a year ago

    Rating: 5/5 Experience: One of the best places for a yummy breakfast in Lebanon. Place is very nice, beautiful comfortable interior with a friendly and welcoming staff. Located in the heart of beirut area Kantari street, this places offers a wide variety of traditional lebanese breakfast. The food was really yummy and tasty and prices are average and acceptable compared to what they offer. Highly recommended 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lama Kabbani
    Lama Kabbani
    10 months ago

    You want foul this is the place! Such a cute little place with the sound of running water in the background. We ordered the ‘foul special’ and the Bulgari cheese which were both amazing! They give you all the vegetables and breads etc

  • Catherine Otrakji
    Catherine Otrakji
    7 months ago

    The place to go for a very fresh and tasty traditional lebanese breakfast. Very generous portions. Their specialities are heavenly good and the cozy ambience is lovely. Totally recommended!! We ordered fattet hummus, eggs eith awarma, foul with veggies, kafta with hummos, bulgarian cheese in sauce and veggies. 50$ for 2.

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