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Furn Obeid is one of the most popular breakfast places in Beirut serving delicious lebanese Flatbreak called “Manakish”! The Manakish comes in different options like Zaatar (Thyme), Jibne (Cheese) or also Lahme (Meat)! Manakish is a staple breakfast for the lebanese and a fulfulling delicious start into the morning. 🫓🧀🍅🥒
Fun Obeid is known for the invented Manakish specialities like the “Duplex Manakish” with Cheese in the inside and Zaatar on the outside! The orders are always served with fresh vegetables like it’s usual for a breakfast in Lebanon.

You can also order Kaak, Mouajanat (small pastries), Wraps and a huge variety of different Manoushe from vegetarian, cheese, meat or with eggs. 🍳





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68 reviews
  • Sarah Houri
    Sarah Houri
    2 years ago

    5 star is not enough for this great Furn. It's Perfect. Excellent dough ingredients. All the flavors are excellent. The zaatar , cheese and keshk. Try the village zaatar it's the best. Very friendly welcoming and helpful staff. Average prices. They have delivery. And sure will visit them again.

  • Melted Butter
    Melted Butter
    4 years ago

    upadted review#2: I had the chance to try their selection of dough over breakfast today . Was impressed by their variety and the lightness of the dough used. I liked the oat dough with the pesto cheese and zaatar & tomato spread. The cheese zaatar was amazing filled with generous cheesy crust . The piece selection was tasty as well like pizza , hot fatayer , sfiha and keshek ideal for gathering ... Review#1: Placed an order through zomato application. Had the combo offer which comes with fries and soft drink. The deal is good money wise. I did not like much the filling and taste of chicken fajita it was quite average , too much mayonnaise and dunno why it had pickles in it ...

  • Rodolphe
    a year ago

    One of the best bakeries in Beirut, consistently makes high quality manakich. Highly recommend trying their duplex zaatar and cheese & cheese with awarma and kechek.

  • Diana Arfan
    Diana Arfan
    2 years ago

    One of the amazing Man2oucheh places to try, we tried the double Man2oucheh with zaatar and cheese very very tasty, and we tried soukouk and cheese was also delicious

  • noka5730
    3 years ago

    I heard a lot about this place from foodies on social media, so I gave it a shot. It's something worth trying ! I'd recommend you eat it fresh out of the oven to get the full experience. The dough and crust are delicious. I applaud the place's generosity with the ingredients (qawarma and cheese). This place is famous for its "duplex manoushe" which is basically 2 layers of manouche made into one. The place isn't cheap to be honest, but that's what you have to pay for quality manakish.

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