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Discover the enchanting retreat of Smallville Hotel nestled in Badaro, Beirut! 🏨 Indulge in modern luxury with a touch of urban charm, offering stylish rooms that provide a cozy oasis after a day of exploring. Immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic culture as the hotel’s central location grants easy access to bustling markets and historic landmarks. Unwind at the infinity pool, sipping cocktails while soaking in panoramic views of the city’s skyline. 🌇 Smallville Hotel is not just a stay, but an experience that captures the essence of Beirut’s allure.

Explore one of the Bars and Restaurants the Smallville Hotel offers to all guests. Wether it’s the Red Street Restaurant opened all day and night, the Penthouse Club or the Stargaze bar to sip a delicious cocktail outside overviewing the Beirut skyline.🍹





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1,559 reviews
  • samar bou akl
    samar bou akl
    2 months ago

    The hotel is very nice, however, I experienced an issue for the second time during my stay. I had booked a room yesterday and made sure to request a late checkout. The front desk confirmed that I could stay until 3:00 pm. Surprisingly, I received a call the next day at 12:00 pm telling me that I needed to vacate the room. When I mentioned my late checkout reservation, they informed me that no one had informed them and the latest I could checkout was 1:00 pm.

  • noof sm
    noof sm
    3 weeks ago

    "I've been a loyal guest at this hotel due to its excellent service. However, I was taken aback during my last visit by the manager, Osama's, lack of consideration & attitude. Despite the unexpected political situation, which prompted an early checkout at 11 am, the refusal to refund the unused night felt unfair. I hope this feedback helps improve future customer experiences. It's definitely important for a hotel to have staff that matches its standard of service. I hope the hotel reevaluates its staff training to ensure all managers can provide the high-quality service expected."

  • N. Z.
    N. Z.
    3 months ago

    Really one of the worst five star hotels I've ever stayed in! I stayed here for several weeks and I have to say it's not worth the price. Especially the ladies and gentlemen at the reception are so unfriendly and just not customer oriented. They never greet you, they just talk to each other or on their cell phones. If you need something, you get the feeling that you are disturbing them. You even have to pay extra for TV and Netflix, as well as for parking. The internet is not the best either, they just changed the wifi password without giving you a new one. Knowing that you’re staying for long here. When you check out, they put extra charges on my bill for things I didn't order, and when I mentioned this, I was met with a really unfriendly attitude and no apology for the mistake or goodbye. Unfortunately, this has not only happened to me, but to others who have stayed at this hotel, well, I was alert to check my room bill while checking out carefully. They really need to work on customer friendliness, especially the male guys at the front desk. The nicest person in the hotel was the cleaning lady, Aida, the only reason why I'm giving one star.

  • Amid khattar
    Amid khattar
    5 months ago

    As a first time visiting Smallville, I was so excited for it, especially as my birthday getaway . But as someone who works in user experience, I’m gonna share my thoughts on the experience. The table next to the bed had some dust which can make a person question the overall cleanliness in small details. There was noise in the hallway and didn’t feel like the soundproofing was good enough, cause I could hear everything from the hallway even at late times and housekeeping from other rooms at 8 am. Let alone the loud bass from the rooftop at midnight. The tissue box ran out after a 4-5 tissues consumed. For some reason the room smelled liked cigarettes out of the sudden at night, not sure how that’s possible, perhaps ventilation. The heated pool wasn’t available in the afternoon which is the only time it makes sense to be used in, cause at night it’s not appropriate for us to go when there’s a lot of people in a certain dress code. Which made the heated heated pool incentive in the package feel like a marketing gimmick. There was a lot of confusion around the parking fee when it was advertised as free on the offer page on the website, I ended up paying it. The stay felt like I’m in a youtube ad I can’t skip, to a point where even the plant had a “If you want me buy me” , or a blanket with “if the seal is opened it will be added to the bill” and a bunch of QR codes everywhere. This is really overwhelming, takes out the feeling at home part. All of these points can be mentioned in a more subtle way. The wallpaper at the first glance was really cool, but having it to be in my peripheral vision all the time is slightly irritating as it’s an optical illusion. The staff was really friendly and that’s the greatest asset for the place.

  • Amir Bou Hamdan
    Amir Bou Hamdan
    in the last week

    A good hotel but for the first time in my life i visit a hotel that charge you 10$ parking fees per day to park during your stay at their hotel , this is considered so materialistic .

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