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Café Kunafé 1881 is the first, one and only coffee shop concept serving craftsmen’s made Kunafé with over 140 years of artisanal experience.

In addition to a selection of salty and sweet menu which includes different flavors of croissants, a variety of bakeries and much more on the menu for any time during the day from breakfast, snack, lunch to late dinner.

For all the coffee lovers and experts, Café Kunafé 1881 serves highest quality illy coffee, 100% Arabica.





Google Reviews

39 reviews
  • Maria
    3 months ago

    Small shop with amazing staff and unbelievable croissants. We tried cheese and thyme one - both were just amazing and were big lovers of croissants. I guess the best ones in mar mkhael, definitely will return

  • Wadad Lahad
    Wadad Lahad
    4 months ago

    A newly opened cafe at Gemmayze, being part of Hallab group. A cozy place and friendly person in Charge (Jeffry). He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the menu and the variety of coffee and desserts. You can enjoy special coffee and special desserts. They offered us, on the house, ma3moul with chocolate and it was really tasty. It is a good place to enjoy a rest, a coffee or a dessert. Also, you can enjoy a delivery if in need.

  • Rouba Chamii
    Rouba Chamii
    6 months ago

    I loved this small coffee place, from the interior design concept to the most tasteful drinks and food! The kunafe and lahem bi aajin are from the hallab tripoli. They are soo good! Their most famous drink is the oriental frappe a mix of coffee with rose and milk we give it 10/10. For the matcha it was amazing so refreshing a sweet matte if you like I loved it! The staff were very friendlyy and nice! This place is about 2 months open in gemayze and it is great!

  • Gio Bou Rjeily
    Gio Bou Rjeily
    5 months ago

    Hidden Gem 💎 Tasty Coffee ☕ Relaxing Ambiance, Interesting Architecture Friendly staff and plenty of tasty options ☕ 🥐

  • heinz giering
    heinz giering
    8 months ago

    A newly opened cafe doing kunefe and some other pastries. Not big with only about 10 seats. The staff are friendly and engaging but the place lacks some music or something. The atmosphere could be improved. They are connected to Al Hallabi. Had a Kunefe for $4.

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