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Ahmad Aouni Hallab & Sons sweets shop directly located at the Raouche Rocks in the heart of Beirut, serves all kind of handcrafted and known lebanese sweet specialities.

Founded in 1881 you can enjoy the year long experience in serving the most famous lebanese sweets and treats!
Baklava, Maamoul, Halawet el Jibn, Shaybiat, Mafroukeh and so much more of the countless specialities Lebanon has to offer. Have an arabic coffee, relax, enjoy amazing sweets and a lively surrounding at the coast of Beirut with a stunning view.

Also served for breakfast is the famous Kunefeh, which is different to the turkish variant and served with traditional “Kaake” Bread and sugar syrup called “Attar”. A must try in Lebanon and also served at Ahmad Aouni Hallab & Sons.





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  • Karim Kayssi
    Karim Kayssi
    4 months ago

    The items in the photos below (maamoul, lahme trabolse, sfouf) are average to be honest. But Ahmad Aouni Hallab excels in Mafrouke Samra and in Othmaliyye. He’s one of the best in town.

  • Ahmed Said
    Ahmed Said
    a year ago

    The location is amazing across from the beach, near the Rawchieh rocks. Everything was delicious. I loved the pastry with meat. Had to go for a second time before leaving to get pastries. The have metal containers for traveling. People are super friendly.

  • Abdalrahman Diab
    Abdalrahman Diab
    a week ago

    Location is good, service is great. But the sweets are average. I tried kunafe and basbosa and some other I don't know their name. Try it but lower your expectations.

  • Ahmed S.
    Ahmed S.
    2 years ago

    What I love most about this place is the location! Being located on Rawche the breeze and the ambiance is so soothing and relaxing! The food too is so delicious and of high quality! This place is perfect for a breakfast!

  • Zelal Khabir
    Zelal Khabir
    4 months ago

    Okay, let me start by saying that the cheese on the Kunafeh is heavy, nothing special about it I had very high expectations. I’ve never seen worst service than this place We called the waiters five times and waited for 35 minutes till they came to take our order. I had two old men with me I felt really bad because of the service. We saw them serving other tables and ignoring us. قلة ذوق كبيرة

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