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The Cedars of God in Bsharri, Lebanon, hold deep historical significance as they are one of the last remaining groves of the majestic Cedrus libani, or the Lebanon cedar, a symbol of resilience and strength for the country. 🌲🇱🇧

The cedar tree has been a potent emblem for Lebanon, representing its enduring heritage and identity, with historical references dating back to ancient civilizations.

Nestled in the breathtaking Qadisha Valley, the region surrounding the Cedars of God is a natural wonder, characterized by lush greenery, rugged mountains, and pristine landscapes, offering visitors a captivating and serene escape.

For Christians, the Cedars of God are particularly meaningful as the Bible often mentions the cedar tree in sacred contexts, linking it to spiritual symbolism and biblical events.

This religious site attracts pilgrims and visitors from around the world, seeking solace and inspiration amidst the ancient cedars that have stood witness to centuries of history.

Visiting the Cedars of God offers a profound experience of connecting with Lebanon’s heritage, immersing in the beauty of nature, and witnessing the spiritual significance that has touched the hearts of generations.




Google Reviews

3,582 reviews
  • M C
    M C
    8 months ago

    Beautiful place worth a visit, well organised and the tracks are clean. The giant cedar trees are charming and the sculptures engraved on some of them are fascinating. You can easily park the car at the entrance and you can also visit the shops at the entrance for some refreshments or to buy souvenirs. The hike inside the place is easy and visitors from all ages can enjoy it without a problem. If it was warm weather, the temperature inside is definitely cooler. Definitely recommended.

  • Louay Jamal
    Louay Jamal
    9 months ago

    I just loved this place, there no words to describe the trees in this place. They are huge, natural, and most importantly, clean. But there aren't a big selection of trees like other ceder Sanctuaries. But my favourite thing in this place is the Souk.People there are one of the kindest, and there products are one of the best. 100% recommend of your beside the place

  • Raul saba
    Raul saba
    8 months ago

    Magical Place, a must go-to destination for tourists and locals!!! 🌳🦌⛰️ The trail is very organized (ideal for hiking), free entrance (donations only). At the end of your trail you can enjoy the Creation and Exhibition by The Artist Rudy Rahme.

  • InMotion
    10 months ago

    Magical and an iconic historic place that represents Lebanon at the core. Those trees go back 5000 years if not more. The cedar trea on the flag represents strength and longevity as Lebanon experienced multiple civilizations that ruled that region. Lebanon is super rich in history, culture and many different ethnic groups.

  • plz
    8 months ago

    Free entry and parking, 45 minute round trip walk. Nice scenery and trees, but it’s quite small. Little malus for the hundreds of souvenir shops outside

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