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Batroun’s prestigious Beach Club & Pool Bar

The Boho-styled Pool Bar convinces with a good service, delicious pool snacks, range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as a lively pool area with good music and a view over the mediterranean ocean. 🌊🐚

Beside the great pool ambiente, the Kai Beachclub excites with a nice beach and clear water directly to dip in. A Bar at the beach is also serving all guests with ice cold drinks.🍸
A highlight is the Restaurant located at the Kai Beachclub that convinces all guests with a sunset view, good international and lebanese food to end the sunny day at it’s best!

The Kai Beachclub is strictly +23 years





Entrance Fees 2023

  • Beach Entrance


    $ 7.00
  • Beach Entrance


    $ 9.00
  • Pool & Beach Entrance


    $ 15.00
  • Pool & Beach Entrance


    $ 18.00


Google Reviews

462 reviews
  • Liv
    8 months ago

    Bad service and unprofessional staff! We entered and saw no receptionist / no staff so we went downstairs and told someone we want a day bed and asked to pay, they said no pay the end .. ok fine. Someone comes up in the middle after we ordered drinks and said “ you didn’t pay”. Then again we said “ you told us to pay after , no stress we will pay now “ we paid then again a lady approached us she was so rude and said to us “ you need to pay” and we already paid… so so rude treating us like thieves because we are not from Lebanon. We got on with it and tried to enjoy it but felt like we were robbed. Drinks were all ice and over priced and food was so average. Will not be back. Pool is dirty and it’s very loud. Strange loud music and the waiter only likes people who show off and those who spend the most money . We felt like absolute plebs and will ever be back. Don’t waste your money here.

  • Karine Haddad
    Karine Haddad
    11 months ago

    The pool and beach are clean. Beautiful view from the pool. Service is good, kind waiters :) The music is unbelievably loud and annoying, good luck trying to have a conversation. We had drinks and appetizers. Drinks were ok, I sent back my piña colada because it was tasteless and they offered me a better tasting one. Appetizers were also ok, maybe a tad overpriced

  • Shirley Chalhoub
    Shirley Chalhoub
    10 months ago

    Beautiful beach but the pool is too small and crammed. The music was too loud and not that good. Food was less than average. They have nice tippy tents though

  • Samer ABBOUD
    Samer ABBOUD
    9 months ago

    Worst restaurant experience. Unorganized, impolite and when we escalated to the manager he started defending. How come a restaurant make change table three times in 45 minutes, quality of food less than average and rude crew untrained. What a bad experience!!!

  • Gwenaëlle Maalouf

    The place is nice, the beach very clear and clean however the service needs improvements. They have two entrance options; beach only access and beach/pool one. We were told that we can only access the beach at the entrance with no explanation only to understand later on that they assumed, without checking our IDs that we were below 21 (pool access policy 21+), noting that we're all 21+. We decided to pick our food directly from the bar instead of getting them delivered cold to the beach but the sandwich and fries were served cold anyway. I also didn't like the fact that they're very pushy with the service, I wanted to personally get my drink from the bar but I was asked multiple times what I was doing there as if it's a restricted area.

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